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5 Things you May Not Have Known about TIS Wheels

If you are a fan of aftermarket and custom wheels, perhaps you may have heard about TIS Wheels by now. They are some of the top-selling wheels in the United States and most of the world’s largest markets for custom rims. The company manufactures a full range of rims and boasts of bestselling models across the board.

However, there are certain markets even inside the United States which are completely unaware of these fantastic rims. That is a shame, as they are comparable in quality with names like RBP Wheels. Are you one of the many Americans who does not know of TIS Wheels?

This post if for you; read on as we shed some light on the company and its products.

Know more about TIS Wheels

Here are a few things you must know about the brand.

  1. Their products are made in the USA: Just like Strada Wheels, for example, the company manufactures its entire range in the United States. In fact, their centralized manufacturing unit is located in California’s Santa Fe. The company’s name stands for ‘Twenty Inches Strong’; the idea comes from the early 2000s when it was believed that 20-inch rims were the best in the industry and the most desirable.

TIS Wheels uses homegrown technology and proud Americans in their manufacturing process. It is thus a very American company and there is every reason why you should take pride in buying their products.

  1. Products made only from the finest materials: TIS Wheels takes quality very seriously. Their alloy wheels reflect that philosophy. Just like top-grade competitors like RBP Wheels, the company manufactures most of their wheels out of high-grade aluminum. The aluminum is sourced from some of the most premium sites across the States and the world.

Using the durable and HQ aluminum, their popular products are manufactured. It is not a great surprise when you see the company’s models, like the TIS 544, win racing competitions on even the worst terrains. TIS products are excellent for off-roading.

  1. A specialist in forged wheels: Akin to Strada Wheels, TIS knows what its clients want and they have managed to come up with ever-differing models. They are especially good when it comes to manufacturing forged wheels. For example, the TIS F50 and also the F51 families of wheels are forged.

They arrive in several variants as well, including both 1 and 2-piece rims. These forged wheels are at par with the best in the business and can add a dash of panache to any ride. If you are fond of forged rims, you might consider getting hold of some of their models and then taking an informed opinion on the ones best-suited for your purposes.

  1. Affordability is a key theme: One of the several reasons why people turn to unbranded rims is that branded wheels are often extremely expensive. That is not the case with TIS Wheels, however. The company has continued with years of tradition enhanced by its R&D to offer a range of products which are not that expensive, but will provide you with the same quality that other majors including Fuel and Strada Wheels

How does the company do this? Well, that is something that is not well-known. It is evident that TIS has hit upon a sweet spot, a spot where high quality and affordability come close and converge. It is our gain as clients. Now, we can purchase high-grade TIS Wheels without breaking the band and discard the unbranded rim which offer neither durability nor safety!

  1. Using them increases your vehicle’s resale value: This is true for all branded rims like Strada Wheels and so on. When you use quality rims on your ride, you are automatically increase the resale value of your vehicle as these are branded wheels. Also, branded rims have an entirely different set of positives which are not found in obscure and unbranded products.

It is also essential to note that the resale price will be on the higher side only when you take proper care of the rims. On this aspect, there cannot be any compromise.

Summing up

We hope you are now a bit more knowledgeable on the fantastic qualities of TIS Wheels! The company’s primary drawback- in a sense- is that they do not have a gigantic number of company-owned dealerships. Most are third-party ones.

Therefore, if you are unable to find the best models at your nearest retailers, you can purchase them from the company’s site directly. Shipping is uniformly free across the 50 States.

Happy motoring!

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