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Avoid Costly Repairs – Additives That Can Delay Your Engine Check Up

Engine check ups can be a total headache. No one wants to have a frequent visit to the garage, with the aim being having fewest trips as possible to the mechanic. This will not only reduce the costs of engine maintenance, but the time spent in the garage. It is also more convenient when the trips are kept at a minimum. One of the best ways is to ensure that the catalytic converter is in check. Having a fuel additive for the catalytic converter is one of the most reliable ways in which can delay your engine checkup.

What is a catalytic converter?

A catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device that limits all the pollutants that are released from combustion engines by reducing them into less-toxic pollutants. Catalytic converters utilize the redox reaction to ensure that toxic gases from the combustion engine are eliminated. The catalytic converter is vital to the health of the engine.

A faulty catalytic converter will mean that an engine is also at the brim, almost failing. One of the signs of a damaged catalytic converter is a sluggish engine, dark exhaust smoke, a rotten egg smell “Sulphur” from the exhaust, and excessive emission of heat. When one or more of the above occurs, it means that the catalytic converter is in bad shape. This also implicates the engine, suggesting that there will be a need for an engine checkup. Without repairing the catalytic converter, the engine may be at fault many more times in the future.

Taking Care of Catalytic Converter

Taking care of a catalytic converter is paramount. One of the main reasons that catalytic converters fall to ruin is due to clogging. Clogging can be due to the accumulation of dirt inside the catalytic converter. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the catalytic converter doesn’t reach a point of no return. The most basic way of taking care of the catalytic converter is through cleaning it. Cleaning the catalytic converter of a vehicle for about every 4,000-miles will help ensure that it maintains peak performance for an extended period of time.

Fuel Additives for Catalytic Converter

The best way to clean is by getting a fuel additive for the catalytic converter. There are several fuels that can be used in catalytic converters; choosing the best one for you is vital. The fuels can help not only take care of the catalytic converter but also the entire fuel system. Fuels also help increase any lost acceleration in the vehicle and power. Fuels in the catalytic converter can also improve the performance after a cold start.

Some of the top fuel additives for catalytic converters include Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner and CataClean. It is vital to check on the particulars of the fuel as some specifically target the converter making it more efficient while some focus on the entire fuel system, which can be a bonus. Fuel additives for catalytic converters are an efficient way to keep your engine in check. The two are connected through their systems.

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