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Car Parts That Require Frequent Replacement/Maintenance

While your car is made to serve you for years to come, some parts require frequent maintenance or replacement. Some parts are more prone to wear and tear after years of service. Some of these parts are discussed below.


Brake pads

Each time you hit those breaks while driving, your brake pads are the most affected. If you do not service your car, you will soon hear screeching every time you step on them. As they wear, the brake rotors become victims.


To know whether your brake pads have had enough, keep your ear on any screeching sound each time you are on the road and act accordingly. Drivers of heavy vehicles should be keener because their vehicles’ brake pads wear out more often than those in smaller cars.



Filters do just that-they filter the air in your car. Whether it is the fuel filter, air filter, or cabin air filter, they all wear out at some point. When they do, your car gets affected by dirt, particles, and any contaminants that get into contact with them. In turn, your car engine suffers the most. For this reason, have them checked and replaced as soon as possible.



Good tires equal smooth driving. Whenever you are driving, your tires act as a shield against friction, which leads to loss of grip and traction. When not in good condition and you drive on a rainy day, you are basically asking for an accident.


In most cases, you need to have an extra tire with you when on the road. You are always advised to check your tires regularly and watch out for signs of wear and tear.


Leaf Spring

Leaf springs are not so common in vehicles these days. However, trucks that carry heavy luggage still use them. They help in holding the back axle in place and also support loads. When they are weak, they can break; lean on one side, or sag.


Sometimes only one leaf may break. When this happens, you should buy ford springs for both sides because leaf springs are mainly sold in pairs. After all, replacing one means that sooner or later, the other one will follow suit.




Whenever the windshields are in action, they are exposed to cracking and braking. As you clean your car, do no skip them. This helps protect the glass beneath it. Should they crack, they should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the glass. If you are out of cash, keeping your car at normal temperatures will hold them from breaking.


In the end

For a smooth driving experience, routine maintenance is vital. Parts that need replacement must be looked into in the shortest time possible. If possible, have a trusted person handle all this for you. In turn, you can drive your car without the worry of any parts breaking.

That is why servicing your car is not an option. It is like oxygen to your car. It cannot survive long without servicing. By doing so, even reselling it in future will not be difficult.


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