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Follow these tips to ride a motorcycle in the foggy condition

During the period of winter, usually, it looks foggy everywhere and even less visible. Always riding in winter is better than riding in the summer, so mostly the bike enthusiasts utilize this opportunity to ride and connect with nature. This season can make you realize the true beauty of nature. But still riding a motorcycle in the winters can be challenging especially during the early and late times of the day. Riding on potential hazards with the possible clearest vision is an important thing. Here are some tips for you to follow while riding in a foggy place.

Maintain a speed consistently

It is the foremost thing that needs to be considered while riding in any situation. If it is a professional need like racing then you can manage your speed. But here during the season of fog, you need to maintain a stable speed to control your bike in any condition. Best 125 cc scooty in India can provide you with the required speed limit for your convenience. Avoid chasing to avoid accidents since you have less visual ability during this period.


You should maintain sufficient distance between the vehicles while riding in the fog or mist. Proper distance maintenance can avoid the chance of a collision by the abrupt breaking of the driver ahead. At least maintain 5 seconds distance from each vehicle so that you or the other person driving on the road can adapt the situation.

Try not to stop

If you are supposed to pull over the lookout for a perfect spot for parking then it has to be far away from the lanes of traffic. As there is an opportunity of being rear-ended then it is best to try not to stop at all. And fog may cover your vehicle interrupting your ride so it is better to cover your bike with hf deluxe bike cover while parking the bike.

Visibility and clean visor

It is the main thing to be taken care while riding through the fog or rain. As more you are visible, you can avoid the chances of collisions. You can create visibility by wearing reflective jackets, reflective or attractive helmets, adding reflective stickers to your bike, etc to make others to Spotify you. And another important thing is to make sure to clean your visor before starting up your ride during the winter season. To make better convenience you can also apply agents for anti-fogs for the better visibility on the visor.

Ride to your left

By maintaining a certain distance one should ride on the left side of the road. By this, you have enough space for yourself even when someone tries to overtake you. This can also prevent the chances of accidents and by following this you don’t want to get panic while riding your motorcycle through the fog. Because you can’t see so far during this period and a sudden close appearance of another bike can make you out of your mind.

The above-mentioned details are some tips for you to follow to have a safe ride of a motorcycle in the foggy condition, keep this in mind before taking up your ride.

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