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How do you remove a Tesla 3 door handle?

The Tesla Model 3 electric car is an smart car. It began to manufacture in 2016. Its commercialization began in 2018; this fabulous car’s price ranges from 45 thousand euros to 65 thousand euros. Its design has an extraordinary lithium-ion battery, which provides between 415 and 544 km of autonomy.

This car has an electric door handle with microsensors; to open, you must press the thick part and then pull the thinner portion. If it is necessary to replace one of these handles due to a defect, it is advisable to make an appointment with Tesla’s technical service, and the specialists will change the part.

Characteristics of the Tesla Model 3 electric car

The electric car Tesla Model 3 is the succession of the Teslas Model S and Tesla Model X; once in the market, the manufacturer received more than 130 thousand reserves. Among the possible competitors with this model is the ID3 of Volkswagen, is a car that offers a modest design and a range of 550 kilometers

Another competitor is Polestar 2, which is an electric car that is spoken of very well. Still, it’s marketing in Europe is just beginning; there is also talk of the possible launch by BMW of a model called I4.

This Tesla model offers a mighty engine in terms of power, ensuring an exceptional thrust that goes from 0 to 100 km / h in just 6 seconds; this thrust is comparable to that of a BMW 330i series 4-cylinder engine with 252 hp.

This Tesla model’s exterior appearance is very similar to that of the Tesla Model S. However, this model is a little shorter and only has five seats. This model does not have a grille. This car’s interior is very striking and has a large screen of high resolution and 15-inch touch.

This model counts with the incorporation of the autopilot 2.0, which this car has the technical capacity to circulate with the driver’s absence in a guaranteed way. However, the power to give use to this technical quality limits according to the country’s terrestrial traffic laws where this car circulates.

Despite not being able to use automatic driving autonomy, you can enjoy semi-automatic driving, where the autopilot intervenes and allows the adjustment of speed according to traffic conditions, can automatically park in places with reduced space and other advantages.

I don’t want to be redundant, but it is necessary to emphasize the safety standards that Tesla cars have, the safety that goes from the physical to the vehicle’s safety. In addition to everything already described, Tesla’s Model 3 has

  • Security Alarm
  • Driver’s pin
  • Requires manual entry
  • Sentinel mode
  • Tilt sensor
  • Intrusion sensor

Different versions of the Tesla Model 3

This model offers three versions that we will see below:

  • Standard Range Plus. This version has a range of 415 km, has a single-engine of 256 hp, located in the rear axle, which makes it a car with excellent propulsion, managing to reach or 100 km / h in just 5.6 seconds.
  • Long Range Battery – All-Wheel drive. It has a power of 351 CV and a range of approximately 560 Km according to the WLTP cycle; it is capable of accelerating from or to 100 Km/h in only 4.8 seconds and has a top speed of 233 Km/h
  • It has a power of 462 HP, an acceleration capacity from 0 to 100 Km/h in 3.5 seconds, the autonomy offered by this car is 530 Km, with a top speed of 250 Km/h. This version has the peculiarity of having a carbon fiber spoiler and 20-pedal rims.

It has the particular Track mode function, which orients to driving in circuits, also has an electronic differential, which allows you to pass the curves faster without running the risk of skidding.

What to do if a door handle on the Tesla Model 3 is damaged

The integration of the latest technological advances in the Tesla Model 3 has done harmoniously and practically. They are present at all times, even with the car stopped or parked, it is unquestionably an smart car, safe and significant autonomy.

It is precisely that factor that qualifies this car as an intelligent car, which motivates to take special care when any failure occurs. If the breakdown occurs in one of the electric door handle, the recommendation is not to repair the fault yourself, because it could generate more significant damage.

The handles of these cars are not simple mechanical handles as those usually known; in this case, it is a device equipped with microsensors, with mechanisms included and integrated relays and cutoff is performed by implementing technological aspects that only specialized personnel know.

The most advisable thing to do when a handle fails is to contact Tesla’s technical service and have the qualified personnel repair or replace the damaged part. Besides having the proper training to solve these problems, this personnel also have precise and adequate repair tools.

Tesla has an automatic booking service to grant appointments; this does through the cell phone; from there, you expose your case and the severity of your car’s fault. You will give a license; this is done by Tesla automatically; upon receiving your service request, they send you an e-mail requesting the mark’s details.

Once the failure got evaluated, they send a Pro-forma invoice and then finalize the date and time of the entry to the workshop. Which is also chosen by the customer in this model of Tesla is not very familiar that the handles or knobs are damaged, that was more frequent in the model S.


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