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The Most Fire Hazardous Cars: How to Avoid the Risk

Vehicles with internal combustion engines run on fuel ignition. When the work of all systems is adjusted, the mechanism works without interruption. Some cars can run hundreds of thousands miles without any problems. However, during a malfunction or accident, flammable liquid may leak out. This happens as a result of depressurization of the fuel system. After all, fuel is transported through metal and rubber lines. The risk of a breakthrough of one of them is not ruled out. Car engineers and mechanics from Indy Auto Man explain whether it is worth worrying about this and how to extinguish a danger.

Petrol Vehicles

Statistics say that in the US, nearly 19 cars fire every hour. Vehicles with low-quality plastic in the fuel system freeze in winter, and gasoline may leak. And from the ingress of fuel on the exhaust pipe or discharges of static electricity, ignition occurs. Kia and Hyundai are at a high risk of catching fire. Since 2015, these manufacturers have recalled 2.3 million autos for engine fire risks. However, other brands, like Subaru, Mitsubishi, and even Mercedes, also experienced safety recalls. Experts recommend choosing vehicles from the list of the most bought cars, as their reliability was proved by thousands of drivers.

Gasoline does not erode, and ignition from an external heat source can occur. In a fire, the car completely burns out in 2 minutes. If the fire is noticed in time, there is still a chance for a favorable outcome. And when it’s too late, the driver alone may not be able to cope with the fire under the hood.

Fire burns better when there is a lot of air. Therefore, do not open the hood abruptly in case of fire, flaring up the fire even more. You should slightly open the hood and direct a stream of foam from a fire extinguisher into the open space. The process will be faster if you use several standard 2-liter fire extinguishers from different sides. With such methods, you can only localize the fire and wait for the arrival of firefighters with a sufficient foam amount.

Thanks to the pump, large water supply, and a foam mixture, the fire service vehicle quickly copes with any fire.

Electric cars

Cars with electric propulsion under the hood are much more dangerous. A malfunction in the electrical system, as well as inappropriate sockets, can lead to a fire. If the car is of an old release, it may have technical flaws in the form of a breakdown of the body and short circuits. But there is nothing more terrible than the ignition of a battery pack. Such cases are frequent if charging at dubious stations, where electricity surges to high power, which leads to ignition.

When a lithium-ion battery system is sealed, it works stably. But it can break down in an accident, and a fire immediately occurs. So, for example, the well-known brand Tesla Model S repeatedly caught fire when foreign objects hit the bottom. The car may run into any sharp object while driving, which entails a battery breakdown and depressurization of the system and its ignition.

This phenomenon occurs when a sharp blow is applied to a conventional lithium-ion battery of a smartphone. Tesla increased the clearance of the Model S, taking into account manufacturing errors, and equipped the underbody protection with a sheet of armored steel.

Although electric cars ignite 11 times less often, this is still an additional problem for firefighters. It’s all about high flammability, which requires more effort and money from the fire department. If the battery on an electric car catches fire, an ordinary driver will not be able to put it out.

When Tesla is on fire, 11 tons of water are required to completely extinguish the battery, while firefighters come with only two tons. In this regard, when a call is received in the United States about the fire of an electric car, several cars are sent to the fire at once. But smoldering battery packs will not cool down soon and can catch fire at any moment. The outcome of such a fire is always the same: nothing remains of the electric vehicle.

The developers try to eliminate errors for safe driving. But it is also the motorist’s responsibility to choose a reliable vehicle, check the lists of model recalls, and always have a fire extinguisher in a car.

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