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What You Need to Know About Waterless Car Wash

One of the biggest new trends in car detailing is the advent of waterless car washing. Instead of having to go through the process of finding buckets, buying the correct soap, and waiting for a nice day outside, a waterless car wash is a quick and easy way to get your car looking show quality in minutes.


If you’ve never tried a waterless car wash before, you probably have some questions about how exactly it works and whether or not it’s right for your car.

How Does a Waterless Car Wash Work?

As the name implies, a waterless car wash forgoes the need for buckets, hoses, and drying towels because there isn’t any water involved. All that you need to get started is a bottle of waterless car wash solution and a couple of clean microfiber towels. After letting the solution set for about 30 seconds, slowly and gently start wiping it away in long, straight motions.


The magic of most waterless car washes is the chemical SiO2, or Silicon Dioxide. Once applied, this compound begins to emulsify with the grease and grime on your car. This allows the filth to be easily wiped away, without the use of water. SiO2 also leaves behind a glossy finish that can be buffed enough to avoid the need for wax.

Do Waterless Car Washes Work?

Automotive enthusiasts are often skeptical of big claims because there are a lot of car products that promise miracles while never quite working right. That being said, waterless wash is something that has been used in the detailing and automotive industries for years because it’s a quick and easy way to get a car looking good fast.


You will still probably want to wash your car the traditional way from time to time, but regularly using a waterless car wash product will keep your car looking better for longer. The coating the wash leaves behind not only adds a glossy finish, but also helps repel water and additional dirt from sticking.

Is a Waterless Wash Good for my Car?

When using new chemicals on your car, you should always stop first to consider whether or not it’s safe for your vehicle’s paint. Waterless car wash solutions are very safe for most vehicles because they tend to be ph neutral. This means that it is neither too acidic nor too basic and that it won’t react negatively and damage your existing paint.


In fact, regular waterless car washes will help protect your finish and keep it looking better than it would if you only water washed. The main ingredient in a waterless car wash is Silicon Dioxide which, after applying, forms a polymer bond on top of the car’s paint to help protect it from unwanted dust, dirt and other debris.

Regular Maintenance Practices 

While a waterless car wash offers a lot of great benefits, it probably won’t fully replace the need to hand wash your car. While your car will look better in between regular washes, dirt and dust will still slowly accumulate and dry water spots from the rain will appear.

Keep Your Car Looking Great

No one wants to have a car covered in grime and filth, but the idea of washing your car with hose, bucket, and scrub brush probably isn’t appealing either. If keeping your car looking its very best is something that’s important to you, a waterless car wash may be just the thing.

Regular waterless car washes will remove the debris of daily driving from your car and leave it with a glossy finish that lasts for days. A waterless wash will also help protect your car’s paint job and help keep it looking new for years to come.

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